We're building our dream school. 

It's a school to learn how to apply AI to your job.

And it's called Side School.

Side School is based on two ideas:

1. Side by Side

At Side School, you learn with peer feedback. 

We’re adopting the peer-to-peer learning methodology, proven effective since its development in the 1940s by Reg Revans and successfully implemented in institutions like School 42. 

This method, when applied correctly, is a huge source of motivation for students.

2. On the Side

At Side School, learning happens online.
We then gather in person for graduation to celebrate, pitch, and network.

This hybrid format combines the convenience of online learning with the social experience of traditional schools. It provides the flexibility to learn alongside your job.

Upon completion, you'll have a tangible project to showcase, a new source of income, and the thrilling experience of connecting with your peer group in person.

We're planning to open the school to the public by the end of 2024 and would be excited to have you join us.

We're inviting our early believers in a free private group to share our first workshops for free and get feedback.

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